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Filming for RTE1's 'The Angelus'

Way back in 2022 I was asked if I would like to take part in 'The Angelus' on RTE1 in conjunction with Adapt Kerry women's refuge in Tralee. Early this year I was filmed creating a piece that speaks of hope, strength and love.

It features me recycling torn pieces of fabric and everyday items to make a wall hanging with a powerful message. The underlying theme is turning that which is broken and lost into something new and beautiful.

It took a long time to discuss the many options for design and wording, and Adapt Kerry were central in the development of the words and finished work. To reinforce the message of new beginnings and growth through care and dedication the finished work is hung in the women's refuge, with words of hope in Irish and English.

Filming of the Angelus.png

Two hares, representing a mother and daughter are stitched looking at the moon in the dark of the night. Choosing the animal to feature in the film took some time and much discussion. In Irish tradition the hare is often seen as a magical creature, who appears fragile in form but has hidden speed and great strength.


The theme speaks of the strength and beauty within us all, which can be hidden through damage or abuse or simply the wear and tear of everyday life.

This Angelus was aired for the first time on RTE1 in early June 2023, and I believe it will be shown every Tuesday for a while to come.

The Angelus is also available to replay on RTE iplayer.

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